CYS – 10

CYS 10

Pharmacology of Drug Serratiopeptidase

Mechanism of Action
This anti-inflammatory proteolytic enzyme bind to the alpha-2-macroglobulin in the blood, which helps to mask its antigenicity.Then it is slowly transferred to the site of inflammation. Serratiopeptidase hydrolyze bradykinin, histamine, serotoxin responsible for oedema.It reduces swelling improves microcirculation and expectoration of sputum. Due to this action Serratiopeptidase has anti-inflammatory, antioedemic and fibrinolytic activity and act rapidly on localized inflammation.

Pharmaco Kinetics
Orally absorbed. In the case of enteric coated tablet absorption take place in the intestine. After absorption it is directly enter in to the bloodstream. It is excreted via urine and bile.

Duration Of Action
8 to 10 hrs

Adverse Effects
1. Hypersensitivity 2. Anorexia 3. Gastric discomfort 4. Nausea 5. Vomiting 6. Epistaxis 7. Diarrhoea 8. Skin rash

1. Hypersensitivity to this drug 2. Blood coagulation disorder

Special Precautions
1. In patients with renal failure or hepatic failure


Breast Feeding

1. Antiinflammatory 2. Antiswelling 3. Anti- rheumatoid 4. To promote transfer of antibiotics to the site of action 5. To promote lysis and discharge of sputum and pus 6. Bronchitis 7. Fibrocystic breast swelling 8. Sinusitis 9. Cough 10. Laryngitis 11. Fibromyalgia 12. Emphysema 13. Gout

Dosage Oral
Adults-5 to 10mg tab every 3 times daily. 10- 30 mg tab /day.

Store below 25 degree Celsius, protect from light and moisture.

Over Dose
Give supportive measures and symptomatic treatment.